Pact Launches on Testnet

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Pact Launches on Testnet

Published on:
January 17, 2022
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Protocol Announcement

After much anticipation from the community, Pact is pleased to announce its testnet launch. As of today you can go to to test the user experience and offer your welcomed feedback!

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On the testnet, you can now try out the liquidity pools and asset swap features, in a totally safe, sandboxed environment with no real world monetary impact. Connect your wallet to dive in, contribute and help us improve!

You can find an early version of our docs here (note, these are constantly being updated) to help you get started

Upcoming AMA on the Pact testnet

Pact will provide an opportunity to have another live discussion with our team shortly after the launch. Keep an eye out across our channels for details as an NFT reward could apply for testnet participants who trial the product.

To make your voice heard, or if you have more in-depth questions for the AMA, please stop by and join our Discord server

We want to hear your feedback, good and bad. Although not all of it can get actioned immediately, it’s all highly valuable and gratefully received. The team will use your insights to constantly work to improve the user experience.

Pact testnet is still in the active development phase, with features constantly being added and refined to enhance the user experience.

Launching with just the first batch of platform functionality, the team at Pact will continue to build non-stop for the rest of 2022 and well beyond!

About Pact; pushing the boundaries of on-chain innovation.

Read the full Hello World press release to find out why Pact is set to become the Home of Liquidity on Algorand.

For trading platforms to be adopted by the mass market, trades need to be able to occur quickly and at a low cost. Pact provides this very solution, leveraging the next-generation Algorand blockchain to facilitate near-instant low-cost swapping of blockchain assets. This provides a vastly improved user experience and opportunities for tremendous user growth in both liquidity provision and trading volume.

Pact is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) project, where initially, Pact will launch with a constant product, symmetric 50/50 pool design, which has been engineered to be extremely familiar and intuitive to pick up.

With Algorand at Pact’s core, issues such as exploding transaction costs, front-running and network congestion are a thing of the past. This next-generation blockchain solution offers four-second block finality, no forking, and low transaction fees (currently $0.2c USD), thanks to the pure proof of stake consensus mechanism it employs.

Pact will also launch an affiliate program with several partnerships already established with Prismatic and xBacked sharing a portion of fees with other platforms that integrate and drive volume.